What is the Internet? Introduction to the Internet | definition of internet

What is the Internet?

An Introduction to the Internet

The importance of phones is extraordinary in today's age. But there's alchemy behind the Internet, too. 

In the near future, the Internet will become an important and cost-effective means of communication, as will all other exchanges of information.
what is the internet?

What is the 'Internet' though? Messaging via the computer. Computers have now gained access to all areas and homes. You can store any information on your computer, such as words, pictures or music. 

it can perform whatever it wants. There are many computers in the office that connect to each other and create their networks. So these computers can interact with each other. 

All such networks or networks around the world have been connected to the Internet so that it is called the Internet.

History of the Internet:

The idea for the Internet was born in 1949. The US Army has used the Arpanet network, which is the foundation of the Internet. 

The United States fears that what happens if Russia bombs and destroys its main communications hub? In this fear, four centers were set up and linked together. 

The main purpose of the internet was that if any center is destroyed, the remaining three centers can operate. It's the Arpanet.
Arpanet 1974

After the war, US universities were given the opportunity to use such networks and expand Arpanet. As the use of new research and information sharing started to take hold, people from all walks of life were attracted and the use of the Internet was real. 

In 1979, the network, which had two centers, was converted into a network of five Lakh centers in 1969. Millions of networks are now on the Internet, and 5% of all networks are outside the United States. The Internet has really brought the world closer together.

Methods of uses of the internet:

A computer, a phone, and a modem called a device are connected to the internet. The capacity of the modem is expressed in baud rate (bits per second), which is the ability to carry particle data in one second. Getting more baud equipment is crucial for future progress.

If you want to share information from the internet, you need to send it where the code number is sent. This information may be shorter in length before it is converted to smaller packages. 

These parts are transmitted from one network to another by a specific computer called a router, which sends them to the correct address. (such as goods shipped from different places) Where parts are shipped, information pockets come in many ways. There are also many ways to get to the destination.

Therefore, each package is sent considering the way the traffic is low and the time is short. All of these journeys are very fast, so even if they travel in different ways, they will reach their destination in a short time. 

At the same time, if the information comes from other places, it is sorted out. Like the post box, all the information is stored on the computer. 

This means that you can open this mailbox to find out who received the letter before starting work every day. Immediately, the emergency window will appear on the screen if there is another work going on.

Internet and fax:

Compared email (electronic mail) and faxes on the Internet. Faxes can be sent to your destination in less time. Depending on the traffic on the email network, this may take some time. Fax, however, costs a lot. It costs about five rupees for a page of information in India and much more in the US. 

E-mail is nominal because it only costs the phone. The fax is the one to whom it was sent and whether the other received it and the fax reply can only be returned by fax. However, the e-mail goes to the passive number of the appropriate person, so no one else will get it.

You can immediately know if it is received and the answer can be found on your computer soon. If you send a fax, you will not be able to get a fax if you are leaving or traveling. Since the e-mail address is a passphrase, it can be sent to the Internet wherever it is located and started searching on any computer.


Privacy over the information sent over the Internet is difficult to maintain. Information is often monitored by email. Of course, the amount of information transmitted over the Internet is so large that it is difficult to keep track of or use without a license. 

Private companies are, however, at risk of getting their information out of the Internet. For this purpose, protective programs (such as firewalls) are to be used. 

In a special encoding, many companies release all information on the Internet. Only those who know the code can solve the problem. This is how the defense, the criminal investigation, the research institutes exchange information on the Internet.

Some of the information on the Internet is for promotion or dissemination purposes. like News, political party announcements, company advertising, goods prices, maintenance and repairs, education, etc

The Internet has become an important tool for the dissemination of education, trade, culture, politics, and so on. Moreover, the Internet is not the property of anybody. Anyone who connects your computer to the Internet is worthy of it.

The following services are provided on the Internet

  1. Email - Information Sharing - We can connect with friends, colleagues, or relatives around the world.
  2. You can work on any computer in the world and run your programs there.
  3. You can use the Internet for your research thesis or trade industry.
  4. Benefits of world newspapers, magazines, libraries, museums, music can be found.
  5. New tools for entertainment become available.

The speed of progress can be greatly accelerated if the world's information and intelligence and its scattered information are exchanged over and over. With the spread of the Internet, this possibility has come to the fore. 

Until now, the intelligence of one country could not be used because the other conditions were not appropriate. 

Thus, as the intelligent people move into advanced nations and the accumulation of intelligence (brainwashing) stocks, advanced nations face a new threat.

With the use of the Internet, it has made it possible for the intelligent person to make use of the progress of the country without going to the advanced nation. In terms of trade, the Internet will have a double effect. 

With the spread of the Internet of Things around the globe, the possibility of sending your goods around the globe has been created. 

At the same time, local entrepreneurs need to compete with multinational companies as they can get into trouble. 

The Internet will be very useful in the environment. The Internet has provided an opportunity to obtain instant information on the latest hazardous substances, their uses and environmental protection measures.

In short, the Internet has taken the human race a step further, hoping that it will lead to a brighter future. 

One of the drawbacks of the Internet is that it is very difficult to get the information you need from a sea of information that is inaccessible. This means that a variety of browser programs have been created to help them find the information they need. 

You can use a program called Telnet to access another network. That is, another network is as easy as your network when you use Telnet. Information that is open to all.

for example, uses bulletin boards to display ads or news. Usenet uses this program to read the information in this bulletin board.

BBS (Bulletin Board System) companies are working on storing and distributing information. We can send information to this place at any time. This information may be sent with the help of such companies, even if the receiver's computer is not turned on.
They're getting a specific serial number. It is known by the name of the website. A small portion of such pages may be reserved by small companies. This page contains both descriptive and pictorial information. 

The reader can find more information corresponding to that word by reading descriptive information. This description is known as the HyperText Markup Language (HTML).

You have to choose from a variety of options in a program called Gopher. (Menu card) and therefore a new pillow can be used to select the right option. 

Go to the destination you want. (The use of rules systems such as the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) / Internet Protocol (IP) has actually taken place. There are new improvements in this area as the Internet spreads. There are also new improvements in this area as the Internet spreads in the future.

Although e-mail seems to be the primary purpose of the Internet, it is actually becoming more and more accessible to entertainment, games, movies and music

Here, research in different fields can give further impetus to research. Even in the field of health, the Internet can be very effective in the future.

The possibility of misuse while providing any plans or services is not denied. Similarly, while using the Internet service, there are many advantages, but we have to admit that it also has its disadvantages. Below are the benefits and disadvantages of the Internet.

Advantages of the Internet :

1. You can send and receive instant messages via email and social media that make communication real-time.

2. Do more in less time: the Internet brings with it a speed you haven't experienced before. For this reason, the Internet has made it possible for people to do more in a very short time.

3. Information Availability: the Internet is at odds with almost everything. With search engines like Google, users can find and retrieve information about just about anything in the world.

4. Fast Transactions: The Internet has enabled online transactions that don't take time to complete.

5. It makes shopping easy and convenient: a lot of people who love shopping love the Internet. People can now quote goods and pay for goods through the Internet.

6. This is the easiest way to have fun: the easiest way to have fun on the Internet. People can download movies and songs from the Internet for free.

Disadvantages of the Internet:

1. Low privacy: The Internet also comes with less privacy.

2. It's addictive: The Internet has become addictive, especially with the advent of social media. As people spend more and more time online, they become addicted to the Internet which can lead to wasted time.

3. Relying on the internet has reduced productivity. Relying on the Internet has made people less and less productive as everyone is now available online.

4. It promotes pornography: The Internet has promoted pornography for many years. X-rated films are available on most selected internet sites that reduce the standard of morality.

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