What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

What is SEO?



Today there are a lot of search engines are available. among them Google is the most popular search engine. 

About 65% of the audience use the Google Search engine to get information. by this we can infer that how google search engine is popular.

There are many content publishers that they publish their content via Blog, Youtube Videos, Articles, Websites, Social Media, etc. 

to provide the information of their business or for other purposes to the audience or customer.

So the SEO-Search Engine Optimization Rank your content or website in search engine with the help of Google Algorithm.

For example: if you search weight loss tips in the search engine then you see that Google Search Engine provide a lot of results related to weight loss topic. 

among them, there are top 10 results get more traffic in google search engine. that is Ranking!

How does SEO Work?

Let's know how SEO works? search engine optimization (SEO) is a very simple process. SEO process takes place through following simple steps:

1)Website Submission:  

 When you create your website o blog and want to rank in search engine for that you must submit your website or blog in Google Webmaster Tool (Google Search Console).

2)Website Crawl: 

When you submit your website or blog in Google Webmaster tool (Google Search Console); google bots visit your blog or website they copy your content and submit on google server. that is called index your post, blog, article or website.

When someone Search your content on google search engine then it shows results from indexed web pages or blogs.

3) Website index:

Google saves your content on their server this process is called an index website or blog. for index your blog or website you must submit your blog or website in google webmaster tool.

4) Website Ranking:

When the above-mentioned steps are successfully done then the next step is Website Ranking.

Google sort out your article, post or web pages in different categories according to your Niche (Subject) and show results to the audience. by this your blog or website gets more traffic and ranking.

Types of SEO  

there are three types of SEO. the whole SEO process implement within these three types.

1) Local SEO:

Local SEO means the audience searches your keywords, about your business, services. Search your keyword related topics that type of SEO is called Local SEO.
example: when you search for a specific company product.

2) On-Page SEO:

When you publish your content then you must tell the audience that your blog or website has similar content that people search in the search engine by means of On-Page SEO.

for that publishers use Attractive title, images, heading tags by which the audience attracts to your blog or website.

3) Off-Page SEO:

off-page SEO refers to your article or blog on a popular website or blog. that is off-page SEO.

for off-page SEO you must create Backlinks on popular websites tease are related to your topic.

when you create off-page SEO then google also Rank your articles or posts in search engines and recommend your blog or website to get more information.

Benefits of SEO

when you create proper SEO for your website or blog then you will get the following benefits.

 1) High Traffic:

80% of audiences click on or visit the top 10 search results by this we can infer that the importance of SEO.

Proper SEO makes more traffic to your website or blog. by which you get millions of visitors and you can grow your business.

2) Branding:

when you get more traffic on your blog; millions of visitors visit your website, purchase your product, share your article or product review to their friends your blog or website becomes a popular website. it makes a brand website!

3) Low-Cost Traffic:

some content publishers or bloggers use paid SEO tools that may cost but when you make a quality blog or website and follow the algorithm rules then you get more traffic without any cost. you save money that is the most important benefit of SEO.

4) Returns on Investment (ROI):

Bloggers or publisher invest their money, Hard work, time to grow their business. when you make proper SEO then definitely you get returns on your investment.

People will visit your website, purchase products, share their opinion with other friends then you get more traffic. so these are returns on your investments.

 5) Business Growth:

Now millions of people are visiting your website, buying your products and the number of customers is increasing day by day. that means your business is growing well now.
all this is possible due to Proper SEO.

Basic Rules of SEO

you can grow your business by following some SEO Basic Rules.
these SEO Rules are as follow:

1) Select Relevant Domain Name:

purchase a domain name that includes your keyword, topic or product name.
e.g. if you want to make a health-related blog or website then your domain name must include health-related keyword. 

that is the most important fact in SEO to generate more traffic. e.g. healthtips.com, healthcare.org etc.

2) Chose Best Hosting:

if your blog or website is ready and you select proper domain name then you must host your website on a server to publish your blog.

your content, images or other media content must save on server that audience easily access your content that is called Hosting.

there are many hosting service providers are available in the market. purchase hosting from these service providers and host your website or blog.

3)Local SEO:

Initially you must focus on Local SEO that visitors easily visit your blog or website. 

 4) Website Submission:

To get more traffic and want to rank your website or blog you must submit your blog or website in Google Webmaster Tool (Google Search  Console).
your blog or website must be indexed in Google Webmaster Tool.
so friends we have discussed What is SEO?, How SEO works?, Types of SEO, Benefits of SEO and Basic Rules of SEO.

if you have not understood one of the concepts in this article, please re-read this article.

Thank You! 

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