What is White Hat SEO? Strategies And Importance of White Hat SEO.

White Hat SEO

Every blogger and web designer wants to grow their website or blog on top of google’s search engine. 

For this SEO is the most important factor to make your blog on top in google search engine.

white hat seo
White Hat SEO


SEO stands for Search engine Optimization. It is used to rank websites or blogs at the top position in search results. 

It is a part of search engine marketing. SEO is helpful to increase the number of visitors to your website or blog. 

If you don’t know what exactly SEO is, then click on the following link to get more information about SEO.

>> What is SEO?

Techniques of SEO:

There are many techniques of SEO but there are two major techniques of SEO that are White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. 

in this article, we will learn the White hat SEO technique.

What is White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO is a search engine optimization method that follows the rules of the search engine. 

It optimizes your website or blog on the basis of quality content, providing services to the user by giving them priority. 

It promotes positive ratings ethically and legally by search engines.

It is a sad fact that black hat SEO ranks quickly in the top position than White Hat SEO.

this rank is not sustainable, it is only temporary. Because when Google or any other search engine found keyword stuffing or spam it decreases the Ranking. 

But this does not happen with White Hat SEO. The ranking obtained by White Hat SEO may be slow but it is sustainable and that is the true significance of White Hat SEO.

To face that challenge and punish to Black hat optimized sites, Google changed their algorithm time-to-time. There are some specific strategies or elements of White Hat SEO.

White Hat Strategies:

1) Relevant Content:

Relevance is vital in order to make your content marketing strategy a success. 

It is important to make blog posts, articles, and infographics that cater to a large audience.

but if it does not fulfill their particular desires and needs, you do not make the most of your efforts to sell content.

Today content is available everywhere. The saturation of so much freely available online information can be overwhelming and confusing to users. 

Creating relevant content on topics related to your industry helps to position you as an expert in that field.

Before they convert, a customer is likely to have about seven touchpoints with your brand. 

So ensuring that you are clear at all stages of the user experience helps you become a trusted expert in that industry. 

Your content makes it more possible for customers to want to do business with your brand.

This strategy makes your website or blogs valuable for both users and search engines.

2) Well-labeled images:

“A Picture is worth a thousand words.”

Images are most important to introduce your intention to your audience.

The pictures are visually appealing. When a visitor enters a website or blog, they won’t spend a lot of time on a page that has a layout that they don’t like. 

The images are breaking the text and soften the visual appearance of large blocks of text. That contains a lot of information.

In White Hat SEO, you must use copyright free well-labeled images in your website or blog.it helps to optimize your website ethically and legally.

3) Relevant Links and References:

For SEO, backlinks and useful referring pages are most important. They represent a “Vote of Confidence” from one site to another. 

There are many types of backlinks but you must have good and genuine backlinks for your website or blog. 

Search engines will assume that content is worth linking. Obtaining these good backlinks can have a positive impact on the ranking position of a site.

4) Meaningful sentences:

When users search for something in the search engine they get top results. When users enter a specific site or blog, they would try to find their intention on that site. 

Users trying to understand and get meaning from text on that site. If the content and group of sentences are meaningless then suddenly the user gets back and searches on other websites. 

That is considered as a bounce. Impact of more bounce rate decreases your ranking in search engines.

So make sure that your content is fulfilled with meaningful sentences.

5) Keyword Density:

Keywords are the most important factor in SEO. excessive use of the same keyword called keyword stuffing. 

In White Hat SEO keyword density must be less than or equal to 4% of content in your website or blog.

6) Unique and Relevant Page titles:

Most users are attracted to your website or blog by reading the title of your website or blog. 

If your blog’s title and content inside your blog are irrelevant then the bounce rate may increase. 

To optimize your website or blog you must use the relevant title of your website according to content.

Importance of White Hat SEO:

As practicing any other techniques like black hat SEO, can get their website penalized or banned. It is important for webmasters and SEO experts to only do White Hat SEO.

White Hat SEO is completely opposite to black hat SEO. Any activity that seeks to boost the search ranking of a website while also preserving its credibility and is in accordance with the standards of the search engine is considered an example of White Hat SEO. 

White Hat SEO requires more work and effort than black hat SEO, but short term costs outweigh the long term benefits. 

White Hat SEO should be your strategy if you want to be an ethical marketer and build a reputation in your market.

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